Saturday Concerns

I love the mornings when I wake up at the same time as my sister.

Then she can’t say no to my question: “Can I make you vegan banana french toast?”

It’s been a long week. It’s Saturday morning.

Time to take a break from the rushed-before-school bowl of Kashi and sit down to something that requires a frying pan.

I’ve never been a huge fan of eggs, or of french toast. But ever since I discovered the vegan version, it’s nice every once in a while. It doesn’t hurt when it’s soaked (and topped with) my favorite fruit ever, hands-down. BANANA!

Super simple: I mixed a banana with cinnamon, flax, and a little almond milk in the blender, then soaked the pieces and laid them to rest on the frying pan. I topped it with more banana, plain greek yogurt, and some sunflower seed butter.

The Saturday morning mentality isn’t really one that gets you up and going after a leisurely breakfast, even when followed by 2 cups of coffee. So hours later, I decided to combine exercise, productivity, and pet maintenance by taking Mack on a walk to the library.

Such a dominance of golden leaves! What is this monotone nonsense?

Mack didn’t seem to mind.

He was even a good sport when I tied him to a bike rack for a quick minute.

5 printed pages and one high school librarian encounter later:

Oh, Mack. I love you, even the leaves permanently lodged in your whiskers.

We walked for a loooooong time afterwards, my head caught up in thoughts. Eventually, I made it home, showered and lunched:

(Spinach tossed with olive oil, plus leftover pumpkin-feta mix)

I was in the midst of addressing more Saturday concerns, such as icing my foot (is it possible to strain the bottom/side of your arch??) when my dear friend Erin texted me, echoing my opinion of how perfect the day would be for a woodsy stroll. She’s at college in the northeastern part of the state (I’m in the southeast), but she drove down speedily, and we had a quick stroll until night fell. Pictures didn’t happen, but we met a lovely old lady who let us park in her driveway so we could get lost around her street walk the river path nearby. It was just what we needed: a break to catch up, get some extra exercise, and appreciate the woods. Beats this:

Prunes and a couple almonds before I left:

Prepared a quick dinner with Mom when I got home:

I was in charge of the roasted brussel sprouts tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Personally, I like them better roasted with balsamic vinegar, but my mom kept saying, “I forgot how much I like brussel sprouts!” and  “They’re so cute!” so I think they were still a win. With it, I had some mixed greens with goat cheese and some plain greek yogurt with honey.

Now I’m munching on kettle corn, listening to the echoes of my sister trying to throw a rager in her bedroom. I might just have to troll my Netflix queue for something to drown them out. Night!



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