Walking to Running, Failing to Fixing

Last night, I had a curious thought.

If overnight oats work with oat bran, could it work for multigrain hot cereal of the same brand?

Might as well try.

Overnight oats are essentially mixing together equal parts milk, yogurt, and oats, and letting the mix sit in the fridge overnight. Then you add other toppings in the morning! It’s a fun change from hot oats.

But the hot cereal mix (Hodgson Mill brand) did not create the texture I was going for. Shucks!

Thankfully, banana + peanut butter + cinnamon additions saved the day. Yaaay protein!

Mom and I had an interesting trip to the gym. My sister stole my iPod earbuds, and I discovered that the Pod itself had died once I got to the gym. Boo. I was ready to resign myself to a treadmill, geeky gym-issued headphones included, and watch the news to past the time. But then my Mom realized she had forgotten her sneakers! A friend in the locker room lent her an extra pair, but by that time we had decided we’d rather walk outside, in the still-lovely November breeze.

Not complaining! Walking around the North Cove area of Old Saybrook is kind of like architecture porn for those who love New England-style houses. Once I get a good camera, I’ll go on a photo tour.

Lunch on top of the NYT (WTF, Somali pirates? P.M. Netanyahu?? But I won’t get into that now…):

Leftover chickpea mix with spinach and hummus on a whole wheat tortilla; brussels sprouts

Later, sis and I took a quick run. She’s a little hipster: Our persistent rivalry is good for something; our pace was definitely ambitious. Neither of us like to be the slowest.

Dinner started with more brussels sprouts (yay yay love love!):

And since I recently watched the B-grade Brittany Murphy movie The Ramen Girl recently, I decided this would be the night to pull out one of those packets from the depths of the pantry, throw away the MSG-filled seasoning packet, and attempt to season it myself. I tossed in some shrimp, almonds, and spinach for some diversity, along with lots of curry and cumin.

Oh, and had some spinach with it, because I like to do the SPINACHSTY. Haha.

Unfortunately, it was tasteless. Now I understand why there are “ramen masters” in Japan. The broth isn’t easy, yo!

So I drained the noodles, salvaged the shrimp & spinach, googled “easy peanut sauce” and threw together something entirely different:

Peanut noodles with shrimp & spinach? The S.S. Peanoodle, perhaps?

Hen piaoliang!

(That’s totally Chinese, not Japanese or Thai. But at least I kept it Asian!)

Speaking of keeping it international, I just watched the Diary of Anne Frank movie.

Why? I recently spent a few months very close to the fighting grounds of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Any insight I can get into its past, present, and future…I’ll take it.

Plus, I liked the book, so why not?

Ended the evening making apples with cinnamon and honey for my sister and I. You know, to keep with the theme 🙂





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