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Here goes!

I might have stayed up a bit too late getting this blog started. We’re talking…3 AM kind of late. Worth it! Here goes.

Slept in as long as I could till I had to dash out the door to CoreYoga. Mom couldn’t go today; she’s got the flu, poor thing! But the class was small, and Dana (the one, the awesome, the only instructor) is in the midst of her pilates certification, so we did a lot of mat work instead of weights and the usual yoga-ness. It was an interesting change, but I just don’t love pilates. Maybe one day?

I had a prune before I left; I hate exercising on a full stomach, but I usually have a little bit of fruit beforehand.

I wasn’t too hungry when I came home, so I took Mack (my dog) on a quick 45-minute run through the woods. Not too cold today; I had to take off my fleece and run in my tank top! Good thing there was no one around…I don’t really want the world to notice that I’m utilizing my sister’s wardrobe for the time being, therefore sporting a blinged out tank that said “GUESS” in huge letters. Not so classy. Thankfully, the foliage provided an adequate distraction:

Showered in record time, then had lunch:

(I would love to say that I read the Business section of the New York Times, but the truth is that I prefer almost any other section. Therefore, it served as the placemat.)

(What’s that word? Capital? Meh.)

Mixed greens with a chickpea-edamame-rice mix I made the other night, alongside a whole wheat tortilla with some hummus.

Initially, it was a pretty meal. Then I decided I would prefer my salad inside the tortilla, and it started to get a bit ugly.

The best things in life are messy, anyway 🙂

The rest of the day was spent visiting Central Connecticut State University with my little sister; she didn’t really like it, and neither did I. It seems to me like every Connecticut public school I’ve been to has such sprawl to their campus that there is no shelter to the wind…it was a warm day, so I was okay, but the school was basically dead on a Friday afternoon. That’s a little lame. Where are the frisbee players on the quad? Needless to say, there are no pictures. *sigh* She’ll find her place somwhere.

We drove back and got some special dishes from a gourmet store (The Cooking Company in East Haddam, CT. So charming!), including an onion baguette, pumpkin-feta salad, and veggie corncakes.

Not this grapefruit, however.

Just a little something I found in the fridge to tide me over until dinner.

I actually dislike grapefruit (the taste? the difficulty to eat it without a specialty spoon? the association with silly fad diets?), but there was only one apple left, and I knew my sister would want it. She eats about 3 a day!

Obviously, she was goofy with gratitude:

I must have been working so hard to earn brownie points (ooh, I wish I had a brownie…) that I forgot to take a picture of my dinner plate. Oops! I’ll get better. It’s hardly 6 and I might soon call it a night. I have no idea what tomorrow holds, but I already like it.